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Our History

In 1988, the first session of Twyford and District Age Concern took place in Twyford under the direction of Mrs Anne Greaves. The following year a Friday group was formed and met in Polehampton Court. The activities provided greatly enhanced the lives of many local residents. However, it was always the vision that Age Concern would have its own building and be able to develop regular day care.

Over succeeding years, after enormous fund raising efforts the Day Centre was built in 1996 in Polehampton Close on land donated by Wokingham District Council and named The Lady Elizabeth Centre, after Lady Elizabeth Godsal, patron and president. Since then additional facilities have been added to the Centre.

In 1990 we took our first boat trip on the Thames at Henley

Lady Elizabeth Godsal and Ann Greaves at the opening of the Centre, 1996

The Day Centre is now open five days a week and has some paid staff but volunteers are still needed to help.

The national organisations of Age Concern and Help the Aged merged to become Age UK in April 2009. We had been affiliated to Age Concern for the purposes of receiving information and support, but we had always been independent. At this time, we decided to retain our independence and local governance, working and collaborating with other similar organisations in the region.

Today, we remain an independent charity, working with the local community. We are lucky to receive substantial support from local people and businesses.

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